New Parent Support (Ventura)

The New Parent Support Home Visitation Program (NPSHVP) is a free support service program designed to meet the needs of expectant active-duty military personnel, their spouses and those families with children under the age of 4. The program was created to provide prenatal and parenting skills education to active-duty service members and their families.

NPSHVP’s primary goal is to enhance their quality of life by empowering them to meet the challenges of parenthood, while maintaining a military lifestyle. The program offers a variety of services, including prenatal health and nutrition consultation, breastfeeding education, early child development education, parenting skills and home visitation services.

NPSHVP professionals know that raising a family is very rewarding and sometimes can be challenging. The Home Visitors are committed to helping active-duty parents and their children maintain a strong and healthy family.

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Around the shore enterprise, our Fleet Family Support Center (FFSC) professionals are available to help connect new parents with the resources they may need to thrive, including providing information relating to nursing spaces to nursing employees – including those that may be traveling between installations -- or facilitating communications with installations’ tenant commands to help establish new nursing spaces when a nursing mother employee is in need of one, as required by law. Contact information for our FFSCs can be located under the Family Resources tab on our main web page at