Youth Sports

T-Ball and Baseball Leagues

Skills Assessment June 14 at Stingers Field 

5-6 year olds
7-8 year olds
9-12 year olds

Information for both leagues are in downloads.

For more info contact   or call 805-982-5337


Youth Sports

Play the Game and Enjoy the Sport
Our Youth Sports and Fitness (YSF) program plans, organizes and conducts sports leagues, skills clinics, camps, fitness/health classes, special sporting events, and outdoor recreation activities for children and youth 3 to 18 years old. Our Sports programs are affiliated with the National Alliance for Youth Sports. YSF provides the following baseline sports each year: Flag Football & Cheerleading, Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball for ages three to eighteen. We also provide locally selected sports such as golf, volleyball, start smart and home-school physical education and fitness programming.

YSF programs are driven with the support of volunteer coaches. If you have the talent or spirit of working with youth in developing their motor and social skills, please contact our YSF program for further information in regards to becoming a Volunteer Coach. 

Our goal at the Navy Youth Sports experience is to teach the enjoyment of playing on a team as a character building activity without the pressure of a highly competitive program. We strive for participation, physical fitness, fair play, positive sportsmanship, and game skills. As members of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, we believe that every child regardless of their abilities should have an opportunity to positively benefit from meaningful participation. Volunteer coaches are greatly appreciated.